Effective web design and intelligent media ideas

Independent Holdings is me, Paul Evans, and for the last 20 years or so I've spent my business life giving birth (nearly always painfully) to some really strong brands - designed, populated and maintained some very effective websites and created some pretty clever marketing ideas for an eclectic range of clients. All from sunny Nelson.

During this time I've also played about 421 games of football (it's not called soccer) - drunk (conservatively estimated) 28,094 piccolo espresso coffees - moved homes (a bloody annoying) 9 times and coached about 235 of the most brilliant and entertaining young goalkeepers this region has to offer.

I was just about to write enough about me - but hey, this is my website so I'll keep going. Like a 'mechanics car', a 'plumbers sink', an 'electricians lights' or a 'landscapers garden' I never seem to have time to finish my own website. But, I'm hopeful there's enough here for you to get an idea of what I'm all about and you may want to get in touch. There's a bit more business-type information below if you require a bit more info. 

I'll try and keep things simple, so here goes: Independent Holdings is a founding member, active contractor and Director of nakedshop, netMaestro and The Seven Design Secrets That Transform Businesses into Brands. For 2 decades Independent Holdings has been at the forefront of designing good looking websites that achieve clients objectives. It's also helped create some incredibly strong New Zealand brands and assisted with their media correspondence and assisted in all forms of marketing material, traditional and digital. Any spare time has been filled with roles as Creative Director and App. writer for Tourism Radio New Zealand, as a Radio tutor at N.M.I.T. for their Media Skills Course, and last, but definitely not least, Goalkeeping Coach at the Nelson Academy for the next generation of aspiring Glen Moss' (I'd prefer to say Pat Jennings but that would only show my age).  

Independent Holdings offers a range of services including consulting, project management, web design, helping clients with content collation and organisation, website design and construction, PPC campaigns, remarketing etc. etc.

What clients say about me

Paul and the team at netMaestro exceeded all our expectations
Paul was a pleasure to work with and very accommodating. We look forward to a long relationship with netMaestro and would have no hesitation in recommending them as a leading website design company.
Tania & Ed
Owners, Last Resort, Karamea
Experience has taught me that I can trust Paul
CW Drill has had a good working relationship with Paul Evans for over a decade. The fact that we continue to use Paul’s services is proof of the value he adds to CW Drill's business and brand.
James Chapman
Managing Director, CW Drilling & Investigation Ltd
Paul was extremely easy to work with and took time to explain things in terms we could understand
We were really impressed with the ideas that Paul brought to the table and we were extremely impressed with the service, technical ability and friendliness of netMaestro and would highly recommend them to anybody considering using them.
Mick Waterworth
Director, Foothold Developments
a good man and have appreciated every second he has been involved with our business
Over the last 5 years Paul Evans has been a contract writer for Tourism Radio. We have gone from strength to strength each year and shown significant growth in every quarter, this is in no small part to Paul’s active involvement in our brand.
Hayden Braddock
Group CEO and Managing Director NZ, Tourism Radio